Kohei Sasahara is an artist who specializes in installation work. At the start of every project, he collects data such as interviews to get a comprehensive picture of his surroundings and establishes internal and external connections. Sasahara does not adhere to any one particular medium using various methods in his process. On the other hand, his works explore a common theme of “”people’s lives”” by which he strives to connect it not only in the context of fine art but also comprehensive fields such as anthropology, architecture etc.





Kohei Sasahara

   Born in 1984, Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts,  Department of Inter-Media Art. Active in installation art, project art, curation etc. since 2007. In 2007, awarded the Kawamata prize for “Home and Away”. Received the City Scapers Grant for “Soup and Recipe” in 2008, the Nomura Foundation Grant for “P.I.V.O” in 2012 and Curator Draft by Kyoto Art Center for “Spontaneous Beauty”. Numerous projects in Japan and abroad. 




  1984年東京都出身。東京藝術大学美術学部先端芸術表現科卒業。2007年よりインスタレーション作品の制作、プロジェクト作品の制作、展覧会のキュレーションなどの活動を行う。2007年《Home and Away》により川俣正賞を受賞。2008年《Soup and Recipe》でシティースケーパーズ・グラントを、2012年《P.I.V.O》で野村財団芸術文化助成を受給。2016年《スポンテイニアス・ビューティー》により京都芸術センターのキュレータードラフトに選出。国内外でのプロジェクト多数。

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Latest projects ItemHome and Away