Collective Collage Collection




Collective Collage Collection


“P.I.V.O. 03”
Urban House (Bratislava, SK)
Instax, Paper, Clip

W54mm × H86mm  × 42 pieces




  This project focuses on the scenery and situations that manifest as a byproduct of natural human behaviour, be it laziness or mistakes, so not to be mistaken for intentional “creation” and “design”. This work consists of photographs of scenes found on the street, for example “beer cans placed in holes in a fence just the right size for them to fit in perfectly”, or a probably unintentionally “misaligned stone pavement”. Together they create a collage of scenes or traces of somewhat puzzling actions of people. The first public exhibition of this work was at Urban House, a cafe space in Bratislava, Slovakia. After the conclusion of the exhibition, Sasahara continued to release the photographs on Instagram.





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