Anaba and Kataba

installation, video



Anaba and Kataba


“Rokko Meets Art”
2015.9.12 – 11.23
Rokko Country House (Hyogo, JP)
Video, Digital Media Player, Projector, Screen, 7 pieces of Concrete Blocks.
Video: 18min, 1920 × 1080, 24fps
Concrete Blocks: W200 × D200 × H170mm




  During winter, there is a cold wind blowing from Mount Rokko down to Kobe city called “Rokko Oroshi”. “Anaba and Kataba”, which was presented at the annual Rokko Meets Art Competition (2015), takes this real natural phenomenon and creates a fictional narrative around it, claiming that the “Rokko Oroshi” wind is actually a man-made product that has been manufactured in the area for thousands of years. This installation consists of multiple parts, mainly a mockumentary film, snapshots from the film displayed on panels, and stone monuments. These monuments called “Sakasa-ishi” (Upside-down stones) are not only a vital part of the mockumentary narrative, but they were also placed in various places on Mount Rokko.





Projected by
 Kohei Sasahara

Interview with
 Yukito Morita
 Yoshisada Yamaguchi
 Dusan Stefanek

Narration by
 Piotr Grzechowiak
 Diana Stefankova

Back Ground Music
 “Garden Walk” by Jingle Punks
 “Home Base Groove” by Kevin MacLeod
 “Hoshi no Hasen” by DOBA-SYNDROME
 “Comfortable Mystery2” by Kevin MacLeod
 “Memories of the musical box” by Kouta-y
 “Wheel of Karma” by audionautix

Coverage cooperation by
 Hakushika Sake Museum

Translated by
 Diana Stefankova

First Presenting to public in
 Rokko Meets Art 2015

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