Shake, Lights, Bay, Beach.




Shake, Lights, Bay, Beach.



“MTV Beach Party”
2011.7.10 – 8.30
Beach House Quick Silver, Kamakura, JP
Wood, Cotton Sheets, Lacquer Colors, Electric Systems, Nylon Thread

18 pieces of various sizes
max: W2400 × D2400 × H896mm.
mini: W1200 × D1200 × H448mm.


   In the Kamakura city beach park every year during summer an array of beach houses appears. When the summer season ends the used beachhouse buildings get deconstructed and their parts are put into storage for reuse the following summer. The interior of the buildings is redesigned every year depending on the wishes of the sponsoring companies. However, even though the atmosphere of the interior may change, the roof of the building remains the same.
   “Shake, Lights, Bay, Beach.” are lampshades, in the same shape as the “neverchanging rooftop” but of different scales, hung from the ceiling creating an array of overlapping “rooftops” of different sizes and colours. The lampshades were placed so that they gently separated the seats at the bar, the sofas and seats at tables from each other, but simultaneously they created one united space of the beachhouse.



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