2012.9.12 – 10.6
Do a Front (Yamaguchi, JP)
Floor, Dust


   “Estinto” was presented at the “Architales – The Contemporary Art Exhibition about space and storytelling – ”exhibition which Sasahara was closely involved in as an artist and curator. The beginning of this project was marked by the forming of the exhibition’s organization team, its main purpose being the establishment of an art exhibition outside of a white cube. With the help of local volunteers the exhibition was organized practically from nothing. An old abandoned woodwork warehouse was selected as the venue, however for it to become a functioning gallery space the first step was to thoroughly clean the building. Washing away the thick layer of 50 year old dust seemed a waste, so Sasahara transformed it into an art piece in its own right. Inside a room with a wooden floor, Sasahara cleaned and polished alternating wooden planks creating a stripe pattern of planks still covered in dust and clean polished planks.

本作は、作家兼キュレーターとして関わった展覧会「アーキテイルズ展~空間と物語をめぐる現代美術展~」にて発表した インスタレーション作品である。企画団体の立ち上げから始めたこのプロジェクトは、ホワイトキューブ外で「美術展」を成立させるために、 地元の協力者と 0 から組み立てを行った。最終的に「空き家」を展示空間にしてゆく際に、50年以上放っておかれた埃 をきれいにしてしまうことがもったいないと思い作品化を図った。床材が張られていたスペースの中で、張られている板木を一列おきに掃 除し「埃をかぶったままの板」と「きれいに磨かれた板」が交互に並ぶ空間を作った。

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