2012, 2013




“The Raven Next Door”
Public School 1, Kamakura, Kanagawa

Mirror, Clocks, Lights, Battery.
W60 × D50 × H80mm

Dance by Minoru Hideshima





Nova Rubia Studio, Brno, CZ

Mirror, Clocks, Lights, Battery.
W60 × D50 × H80mm

Financial Support by Nomura Foundation



This work was first presented at Atelier A.I.R in the Czech republic, Brno, in 2012. The following year it was recreated for the dance performance of Butoh dancer Minoru Hideshima as a stage background. Continuing with the theme of time of Sasahara`s previous work, “Someday, that place in time” that captured the “Disunity of time”, in “Stargazer” Sasahara concentrated on the “Celestial time (the movement of stars)” and the “Unified city time (tolling of the church bells)” as the main themes of the work. The work consists of mirror shards put together into flower-shaped plates that were further attached to little clocks, no bigger than 10 square centimeters, with a small spotlight pointed at each “mirror flower”. The “mirror flowers” would move together with the clock needles and reflect light from the spotlights onto the ceiling. In the darkness of the room, the diffused reflection of light was dancing on the ceiling like stars in the night sky. The irregular shape of the mirror shards created irregular light reflections, but the movement of the “stars” was regular due to the steady ticking of the clocks, creating an “Order inside of Chaos”.


 本作は2012年にチェコ共和國ブルノのA.I.Rにて最初の発表を行い、翌年には舞踏家秀島実の舞台美術として公開を行った。自作”Someday, that place in time.” で制作した「不揃いな時間」を継承しつつ、「天体の時間(星の巡り)」と「街のひとつの時間(教会の鐘)」をテーマにインスタレーションとして作品化した。小さな時計の上に「割れた鏡」で花弁を模した光の受け皿をつくり、そこに小さなスポットライトを当て、光が空間内を周遊する仕組みを拵えた。暗がりの部屋を巡る光の乱反射は「規則性をもった不規則な形」としてインスタレーションとなった。




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